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International Bestseller Put That Stuff Down, Coping with PTSD through a decluttering journey

Put That Stuff Down takes its readers on a decluttering journey to find peace of mind, gain healthier time practice, enjoy your life into an organized and welcoming home — all that to finally cope with PTSD. It’s packed with simple actions to get started on this powerful journey!

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Decluttering: How can I get started book

Decluttering: How can I get started answers the fundamentals and gives a panel of tactics and step-by-step plans. This book helps you start decluttering with clear action steps. It works, even if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You will learn the proven strategies and tools that helped thousands of people.

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DOers Academy Momentum

This program is not for everyone. It’s a full year commitment of transformation, decluttering, developing a strong mindset and peace of mind. It’s by application only. The program includes structured on-demand training with the full 4-step decluttering and organizing method, live weekly coaching, accountability, personalized decluttering solutions and life changing.

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Secrets to Save Money from Decluttering Online Program

Want to declutter and stop wasting and want to save money. That is why we built the secrets to save money from decluttering program. In short it’s: All-Important Financial Decision discussed, Budget and Expense Template, Track your expenses and cash flow to improve your budgeting, Essential Grocery List, Comparison between a healthy grocery, healthy, Healthy Meal Prep, Elements of a fresh and healthy menu so you cut down on take-out ordering, Turn your stuff into money ... And much more!

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Coping With Trauma Summit 2020 VIP Recordings

Learn The Secrets To Find Peace And Leave The Trauma Behind, From 40 Field Experts, No Matter How Bad, Recent, Or Crippling It Might Be Even If Everything Has Been Tried... Coping with Trauma Summit is an international event bringing together multiple specialists and experts to provide tools and strategies. Get the recordings and speaker notes of the Summit 2020 Edition, an excellent chance to discover resources and strategies to heal from trauma.

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Put That Stuff Down 2

Brand New Release

This unique and complete volume includes: the clutter vicious cycle, the link between clutter & trauma and the 4-step holistic decluttering journey and more...

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You can watch our videos that could help you deal with trauma and clutter 24/7. You can also find interviews with professionals and psychologists.

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Post Trauma Secrets & Decluttering: The Podcast

Hosted by Valerie Huard and JM Tetreault, Post Trauma Secrets & Decluttering brings you on a journey from trauma to Joie de Vivre!

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